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students explore minerals at Miller Museum of Geology

Beyond Classrooms Kingston builds on the success of the  Open Minds concept created by Dr. Gillian Kydd in Calgary, Alberta.

Teachers and students become immersed in the environment of a museum, art gallery or community space. They spend an entire week,  interacting directly and deeply with the site and its professional staff, content experts and each other, to achieve greater topic knowledge. Students also develop a clearer idea of the role they play within the community around them.

Participating teachers are provided with professional development support, as they create an innovative, curriculum-based, long-term interdisciplinary study, which integrates collaborative, inquiry-based learning into their classroom.

Teacher applications for the program are accepted in early spring for the following school year.  Summer workshops assist teachers in planning, in learning about student journal writing, and object-based learning.

Each week is different! Teachers work with the Beyond Classrooms Coordinator to develop a Big Idea or Inquiry Question for their week.

Teacher Information

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