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How Beyond Classrooms Kingston Makes an Impact

BCK offers teachers a unique opportunity to engage their students in thematic, learner-led, experiential learning and exploration. In addition to enhancing cultural literacy, the Beyond Classrooms approach fosters curiosity and creativity - skills our students will need as the knowledge workers and engaged citizens of tomorrow.

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Who We Reach Directly

One classroom teacher and an average of 27 students, aged 7-13.

One BCK Coordinator, and an average of three BCK volunteers.

Up to 20 parent and community volunteers and an average of eight visiting VIP observers and guests. 

Up to ten host site staff and volunteers and up to four content experts

That’s a total of close to 75 individuals directly reached for each program week, or a total of over 1,000 individuals directly engaged in one programming year!

Who We Reach inDirectly

Banners alert passers-by, site visitors and site staff that a Beyond Classrooms Kingston class is in the building

Media releases for program weeks are issued, picked up and reported on by local media: print, radio and TV.

Student activities and reactions to their community classroom are shared with our community of social media and are reshared and by teachers, parents, and our host sites

What Students and Teachers say about Us

"A week of learning gave the students the opportunity to explore deeper, to be active and engaged and to take more responsibility for their learning. The daily experts provided a wealth of knowledge that encouraged critical thought and making connections. The students were given more time to really dig into an area of their own choice and to write about issues and subjects that mattered to them. The rich learning experience will certainly go beyond the classroom, it will remain with them for life!"

S. Watt, Teacher

“I have learned a lot of things I never knew before coming here this week! I have really enjoyed my time at the museum!”

Alex, a Grade 5 student
about the Frontenac County Schools Museum

“I never thought I would want to spend so much time in an art gallery, but now I don’t want to leave.”

Katie, Grade 5 student
about the Agens Etherington Art Centre

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