Heritage Fair 2022

What are artifacts? Why are they important? How can we uncover the stories behind objects by making observations and asking questions? How do we determine what objects or innovations are important or significant? This activity will introduce students to: object-based observation skills, inquiry, and historical thinking concept of significance.

This lesson is best suited for students in Grades 6-8 but can be adapted for students in other grades.  The workshop will take 1-2 periods (45-60 minutes).

Please find the videos below and attached images. We thank the Museum of Health Care for permission to use the images of the 5 mystery objects. They retain the rights to the photographs of the historical objects.

Teachers interested in obtaining a copy of the Teacher’s Lesson Plan, Information Sheets, and Historical Significance Activity Sheet can contact us by email for a digital copy.

Here are the lesson images and student worksheet:

March of the Museums 2022

Check out our activities you can do at home!

Scavenger Hunt

You may have visited a museum to see many types of objects and artifacts on display. These objects are part of a larger story and have been preserved because they are believed to be important. Objects can be like windows into the past. Do you have examples of objects in your home that tell a story about you or your family?

See what I found in my home!

Scavenger Hunt:

Check out this other activity to see if you can figure out what the mystery object is.

Arti-FACT or Fiction


Can you figure out the true story behind the mystery object? One video will show you how to fold and cut the paper to create an 8-page min-book. The other video will provide clues so you can guess the correct story behind the artifact. Create your own min-artifact book or journal. We would love to see your creations!

Activity Sheet – 8 -page book

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