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Beyond Classrooms Kingston Received Ontario Trillium Foundation

MEDIA RELEASE November 8, 2022
Beyond Classrooms Kingston recognizes funding received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation at AGM

Kingston, Ontario – Board members, community partners, volunteers and staff from Beyond
Classrooms Kingston (BCK) were thrilled to recognize the $40,200 Resilient Communities Fund
grant received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation during their Annual General Meeting on
November 7, 2022. This grant was used to improve programming and communications within
Beyond Classrooms Kingston post-pandemic.
“Bringing teachers and students into community heritage contexts promotes better learning,
builds new educational partnerships, and empowers ownership of local culture. Taking learning
beyond classrooms allows students to look closely and reflect through sketching and journal
writing enhancing their literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. I am pleased that the
Ontario Trillium Foundation is recognizing Beyond Classrooms Kingston and its hard work in our
community,” said Ted Hsu, MPP for the Kingston and the Islands.

As a result of the improved program from the grant, students in Kingston were able to get out of
the classroom to experience unique educational opportunities during week-long in-person
sessions at one of the seven cultural sites that BCK has partnered with. While participating in
sessions, students experienced inquiry-based learning by observing, sketching, journaling, and
listening to guest speakers from the community.

“This generous and timely grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation is enabling Beyond
Classrooms Kingston to enrich students’ learning as they become more culturally competent
and more active as citizens in our community. The grant also allows BCK to develop deeper
partnerships with schools and local cultural heritage sites while we foster more robust
communications with donors, corporate sponsors and other community collaborators.” said
David Melhorn-Boe, Program Coordinator for Beyond Classrooms Kingston.
Since the pandemic started, teachers and students have faced several challenges when it
comes to having meaningful learning experiences outside of the classroom. Our goal is to
reduce barriers and support them so everyone can participate in these hands-on sessions that
have a significant impact.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) mission is to build healthy and vibrant communities
across Ontario. As an agency of the Government of Ontario, and one of Canada’s leading
granting foundations, last year, OTF invested nearly $209M into 2,042 community projects and
partnerships, which included funding for the Government of Ontario’s Community Building Fund.
Since 2020, OTF has supported Ontario’s economic recovery by helping non-profit
organizations rebuild and recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

Visit otf.ca to learn more.

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