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St Martha CS Class Takes Over Kingston City Hall

Students in Gail Ows’ Grade 5 class at St. Martha Catholic School learned firsthand how important local government is while spending Local Government Week, October 21st to 25th 2019, at Kingston City Hall. The students’ inquiry question for the week was “How does our City promote responsible government and active citizenship?” To find answers to their question, students met with elected officials, such as Mayor Bryan Paterson and Councillor Robert Kiley, to interview them about the roles and responsibilities of elected officials. Students heard about a number of City of Kingston initiatives, from the Engage for Change project, to the work being done to tackle climate action. At the end of the week, students used their persuasive skills to debate whether or not the City should begin an e-scooter program. Throughout the week, students explored and discovered the stories held within their new classroom – the magnificent City Hall building, which is also a National Historic site and museum. They spent much of their week sketching and journaling the architecture and artefacts housed within the walls of this prominent landmark. Check out some of their sketches and journals below: Student journal about debate student journal about artifact Student journal about impact student journal about impact